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How To Make Fence Taller

2 August 2023

If you like your existing fence, but wish it was taller, there are steps you can take to do so without replacing this fence.

At Fence Forge, we are fence specialists, and we know all about making a fence taller. We'll help you understand your reasons to extend your fence, advise on what solution is most relevant, and hopefully help you find the right solution for your budget and needs.

No matter the reason you want to make your fence taller, there are many great solutions to choose from, and we'll help you find your best option.

Questions To Consider Before Extending The Height Of Your Fence

Here are some questions you should consider and answer before deciding on whether you need to extend your fence, and by how much:

  • What problem do you have, and how will a taller fence resolve it?
  • How much can you spend on increasing the height of your fence?
  • How much additional height do you need?

Once you have answers to these questions, you’ll be able to make an informed decision on what solution is best for you.

Why Would You Want To Make Your Fence Taller?

Here are some of the most common reasons why property owners want to make their fences taller.

Enhanced Privacy

Making your fence taller for privacy is a great idea for many homeowners, preventing passersby and neighbours from easily seeing into the property. A privacy screen is especially desirable in urban areas or properties with close neighbours.

Improved Security

A taller fence can act as a deterrent to intruders and trespassers, making it more challenging for them to climb or access the property. This added security can help protect the home and its occupants.

Noise Reduction

A taller fence can help reduce noise from nearby streets, traffic, or neighbours, creating a quieter and more peaceful environment within the property.

Visual Screening

If there are unsightly views, such as an industrial area or construction site, a taller fence can block or minimise the view, improving the aesthetics of the property.

Wind And Weather Protection

Taller fences can act as a windbreak, protecting the property from strong winds, which can be especially beneficial for gardens, outdoor living spaces, and delicate plants.

Safety For Children And Pets

A taller fence can provide an added layer of safety for children and pets, preventing them from easily accessing nearby roads or potential hazards.

Compliance With Regulations

In some areas, local regulations or homeowners' association guidelines may require fences to be a certain height for safety or aesthetic reasons.

Establishing Boundaries

A taller fence can clearly define property boundaries, preventing disputes with neighbours and ensuring that everyone knows where their property ends and begins.

As you can see, there are many reasons to make a fence taller, and thankfully, there are many ways to do so.

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Ways You Can Increase The Height Of Your Fence

Here are some fence extension ideas that will hopefully transform your property.

Add Fence Extensions

Fence extensions are additional panels or lattice sections that can be attached to the top of the existing fence. They come in various materials like wood, metal, or vinyl.

By adding fence extensions or more fence panels, you can instantly increase the height of the fence, providing enhanced privacy and security without the need for a complete fence replacement.

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Install Trellis Panels

Trellis panels are a versatile option for increasing fence height. They can be attached to the top of the existing fence or installed separately. Not only do trellis panels add height, but they also create a visually appealing backdrop for climbing plants. Adding trellis panels creates a green and vibrant fence, adding a touch of nature to the surroundings.

Plant Tall Shrubs Or Trees

If you prefer a natural approach, consider planting tall shrubs, climbing plants or fast-growing trees along the fence line. As they grow, these greenery elements will act as a living fence extension, offering additional privacy and a more attractive visual barrier.

A great benefit of tall plants is you don't need planning permission to extend your current height.

Living fences are ideal for those who appreciate nature, and who want a natural barrier. Also, with a living fence, you can add height quickly and cheaply, which means living fences are a popular option for many people.

Stack Pallets Or Planters

Stacking wooden pallets or large planters against the fence and filling them with soil and plants is an innovative way to increase the fence height. This DIY method allows for both practicality and aesthetic enhancement, especially if you plant flowers or herbs in the planters.

Build A Lattice Screen

Lattice screens are an elegant and timeless way to add height to a fence. Constructed in front of the existing fence, lattice screens provide additional privacy while still allowing light and airflow to pass through. Lattice fence toppers are particularly suitable for those who want both visual appeal and functionality.

Use Bamboo Screening

Bamboo screening rolls are an affordable and easy-to-install option for increasing fence height. They can be attached directly to the fence using screws or zip ties. Bamboo screening not only adds privacy but also brings a tropical or Zen-like ambiance to the outdoor space.

Install Privacy Fabric Or Netting

Privacy fabric or netting is a simple and quick solution to instantly increase the fence height. Available in various colours and densities, privacy fabric can be easily fastened to the fence with ties or staples, giving you added privacy and seclusion.

Erect A Decorative Fence Topper

Decorative fence toppers, such as wrought iron designs or wooden patterns, can be installed on top of the existing fence to add height and elegance. A fence topper serves both aesthetic and functional purposes, enhancing the fence's appearance while also deterring potential climbers.

You don't need overly decorative fence toppers if this doesn't suit your style, but knowing there are fence toppers to suit all fence panels, including picket fencing, is a great comfort.

Raise The Ground Level

If your fence is at ground level, raising the ground level on your side of the fence can effectively increase the fence's height. By adding soil or constructing a raised bed, you can elevate the ground level and consequently the fence height.

As you’ll see, many of these options are quick and cheap to carry out, with most people being able to do this work with items from a local hardware store. However, there are some solutions that are best left to the professionals and experts.

Don't Forget The Fence Posts

If you are extending your fence, you might need more fence panels, and you should also consider the fence posts. These should extend to the new height, which means investing in fence post extenders is a smart idea.

If you opt for living fences, you might not need these extenders as you have a natural covering from climbing plants and greenery.

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In The United Kingdom, Is There A Maximum Height For Garden Fences?

In the United Kingdom, there is no universal maximum setting for garden fence heights. However, certain regulations and guidelines apply depending on the location and type of property. The rules for fence height can vary based on whether the property is in a residential area, near a major road, or subject to specific local planning restrictions.

Generally, for residential properties, garden fences are commonly allowed to be up to two meters (approximately 6.5 feet) in height. However, this height may be limited to 1.2 meters (approximately 4 feet) in some circumstances. Additionally, if the property is located in a conservation area or has listed building status, there may be stricter rules regarding fence height to preserve the area's character and appearance.

Do You Require Planning Permission For A Garden Fence?

Regarding planning permission, you usually do not require permission for a garden fence if it meets the following criteria:

  1. The fence is less than or equal to two meters (6.5 feet) in height (or 1.2 meters next to a highway).
  2. The fence is not a listed building or within a conservation area.
  3. The fence is not part of a larger development or construction project that requires permission.

However, it is essential to remember that each case can be unique, and local authorities may have specific rules or restrictions.

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You Can Enjoy More Privacy And Extra Height In Your Garden Or Yard

If you have a short fence and desire higher fences, there are many things you can do to make your current fence higher. Whether you desire a privacy fence or you want to add height to an existing fence to block out the sun, most fences are adaptable in a quick and easy way. With fence boards, trellis screens, and natural solutions, you can turn a short fence into something specifically designed to make you feel at home, simply by making your fence higher.

At Fence Forge, we help you sift through various designs, and help you enjoy extra privacy and extra height in your garden.

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