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How Much Is Composite Fencing

2 August 2023

With composite fencing offering so many benefits to property owners, such as durability, low maintenance, and longevity, it is easy to see why so many people opt for a composite fence on their property.

However, with many fence types available, you must consider all composite fencing costs. This includes materials, height, and width of the fence in linear feet, and the value this type of fence offers to a project.

At Fence Forge, we are composite fence specialists, and we’ll ensure you know all the costs associated with this style of fencing, and whether it offers value for money for your garden, yard, or property.

How Much Is Composite Fencing

Calculating The Composite Fencing Cost

With many factors involved with the total composite fencing cost, we’ll run through separate elements before offering an overview price. As each composite fence installation is unique, arrange a tailored quote for your property.

Checkatrade lists the cost of composite fencing as around £120 per panel, but if you are looking for a premium fence, it will be more expensive.

Other Costs To Consider When Adding A Composite Fence To Your Property

Checkatrade cites the following issues which you must add to your fence:

  • A finishing profile, which sits at the top of the panel, and for a 6ft wide section, costs £12
  • For an aluminium post and cap, expect to pay around £35 each
  • For the post base, expect to pay around £13 each.

Composite Fencing Installation

The installation of your fence features additional work including securing the bases, usually with concrete, and Checkatrade cites this as costing around £28 per metre.

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What Offer Factors Affect Composite Fence Prices?

Factors affecting composite fence panels' price can be grouped into several key considerations. Firstly, the number of panels required directly influences the overall cost. As expected, the more panels needed to enclose the desired area, and the greater the length of the fencing, the higher the total expense will be.

The Height Of The Fence Is A Factor When Installing New Features

Secondly, the height of the new fence is another significant determinant of cost. Generally, taller fences tend to be more expensive due to the increased materials and work involved in their construction.

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The Range Of Materials Is A Factor To Consider When Looking At Fence Prices

Moreover, the quality of the fence material used in the composite fence panels can vary among different suppliers. Higher-quality composite materials may command a higher price, but they often offer better reliability and aesthetics.

Location Impacts The Total Composite Fence Cost

The location of the fence installation site is also a factor to consider. If the area is hard to access, the installation process may become more complex and time-consuming, potentially leading to higher composite fencing installation costs.

Various Companies Offer An Additional Removal Service

Additionally, homeowners should ask about waste removal of the old fence. Some installers may include this service in their quote, while others may charge extra for the removal and disposal of the old fencing materials.

Ornate Features And Materials Will Add To The Cost

It stands to reason that additional features such as decorative panels or steel inserts which deviate from the standard setup will increase the cost of your fence. Many people like to create a unique frame type and panel in their private space, and using more unique or stylish materials increases the cost, so budget accordingly.

Lastly, if a garden gate is needed as part of the fence, it will be priced separately as an additional item. A composite gate adds both functionality and aesthetics, but it will contribute to the overall cost of the composite fencing project.

What Should You Expect To Pay With Composite Fencing Prices?

After considering the various factors and individual costs that make up composite fencing pricing, please consider the following average prices:

  • The average cost per metre of composite fencing is £67
  • This works out as the average cost of composite fencing, per panel, being £120
  • The supply and installation of composite fencing works out at around £130 per metre

If you are looking for top-of-the-range fencing, the supply of a 6ft by 6ft premium section is likely to cost around £134 per metre, and for supply and installation, the cost is around £200 per metre.

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What Is The Average Cost Of A Composite Fence?

The average cost of composite fencing is £120 per panel. This translates to around £67 per metre. These costs are for materials only, not installation. Supply and install composite fencing will normally cost around £130 per metre.

For a more premium composite fence, you can expect to pay £240 per 6ft x 6ft section, which works out to about £134 per metre (supply only). For the supply and installation of premium composite fencing, the cost is around £200 per metre.

Their cited example suggests for panelling that is 21mm thick, and with the fence being 6ft wide and 6ft tall, you can expect to pay £240 per panel.

Is Composite Fencing More Expensive?

Composite fences may initially come with a higher price tag compared to traditional timber fences, but when considering the long-term perspective, they prove to be a cost-effective investment. The durability and longevity of composite fencing outweigh the benefits of wooden fencing, leading to substantial savings over its lifetime.

Is Composite Fencing Cheaper Than Wood?

No, composite fencing is traditionally more expensive than wood, but it is likely to provide better value for money in the long run.

Will Composite Fencing Fade Like Wood?

One of the most significant advantages of composite fencing is its remarkable reliability. Unlike wood, composite materials are highly resistant to weather conditions, rot, and decay. This means that the fence will maintain its structural integrity and appearance for many years, even in harsh environments.

As a result, homeowners can avoid frequent repairs and replacements, which can be a common concern with traditional timber fences.

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Low Maintenance Is A Factor To Consider With Your Composite Fence Cost

Another critical factor contributing to the cost-effectiveness of composite fencing is its low maintenance requirements. Wooden fences typically demand regular staining, sealing, and painting to preserve their appearance and protect them from the elements. In contrast, composite fencing does not require such extensive upkeep.

Its resistance to cracking, warping, and fading ensures that the fence will retain its beauty and structural integrity without ongoing maintenance expenses. This will save you money but also reduces the time and effort spent on fence upkeep, allowing homeowners to focus on other aspects of their property.

Hopefully, you know how much composite fencing costs, and you can determine if this is the most cost-effective fencing material for your property. The initial cost of composite fences is higher than wood fences but the benefits of this fence type make it an ideal fencing material for many homeowners.

To stay on top of composite fencing costs, and to make an informed decision on all fencing matters, make sure you rely on Fence Forge, and we are always happy to assist you.

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