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How Much Do Fencers Charge

2 August 2023

At Fence Forge, we take great pride in being a leading fence installation company, dedicated to providing top-notch solutions for all your fencing needs.

Installing a fence is an investment that serves not only as a boundary for your property but also enhances its security, aesthetics, and privacy. We want to ensure that you embark on this project with confidence, fully aware of the cost factors involved. By understanding the financial aspects, you can plan effectively and make choices that suit your needs best.

We will delve into various factors that impact fence installation costs. From the types of materials available to the labour costs and additional expenses, we will provide you with a comprehensive overview. Our goal is to empower you with the knowledge to make sound decisions that will result in a fence that not only meets your requirements but also fits your budget.

The Type Of Fence Impacts The Price You

Understandably, the costs associated with one form of fence material differ from other fences. Some of the most popular garden fence types in the UK are:

Wood: Natural, charming, wooden fences may require maintenance.

Vinyl: Low maintenance, durable, limited design options.

Chain-link: Affordable, practical, and less private.

Wrought iron: Elegant, durable, higher upfront cost.

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Factors Affecting Fence Installation Costs

It isn’t only the material that impacts the cost of fence installation, the following factors will change the price paid to have a fence on your property.

Fence Length And Height

Longer or taller fences require more materials and a workforce, leading to higher costs.

Consider the purpose of the fence and choose an appropriate height to balance cost and functionality.

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Material Quality And Style

High-quality materials like premium wood or ornamental metal cost more than standard options.

Different styles, patterns, and finishes may add to the overall cost based on complexity and aesthetics.

Complexity Of The Design

Intricate designs, customisations, and decorative elements increase work and material expenses.

Simple, straightforward designs are usually more budget-friendly.

Terrain And Site Conditions

Uneven or challenging terrain may necessitate additional work, affecting the installation cost.

Consider land preparation and potential excavation costs when planning.

Necessary Permits And Regulations

Some areas require permits for fence installation, incurring extra fees.

Compliance with local regulations can influence the type of fencing allowed and overall expenses.

Labour Costs

The cost of labour is higher in some areas, and some companies charge a higher hourly or overall fee for fences installed.

Look around to obtain the best value for money with respect to labour costs when it comes to new fencing.

How To Obtain Quotes To Find The Best Price Of Fencing

To obtain accurate and detailed quotes for fence installation, follow these steps:

  • Research and shortlist reputable contractors.
  • Provide clear project details, including fence type and dimensions.
  • Invite on-site evaluations for accurate assessments.
  • Compare prices, services, and customer reviews.
  • Beware of unusually low quotes that may compromise quality.
  • Verify credentials and inquire about permits and regulations.
  • Choose a contractor with transparent communication and a detailed breakdown of the quote.

By following these guidelines, you can make an informed decision and ensure a successful fence installation project.

What To Expect To Pay For Fence Panels And Additional Materials

While each company is free to set their own prices, it is helpful to know the expected average cross across the industry. A great starting point is to look at Checkatrade, a trusted source in the UK, to see how they price fence panels, fence installation, and associated materials at.

  • The average price for fencing is £45 per panel
  • The average price per featherboard or close board fencing is £60 per panel
  • The average price per foot for a post and rail fencing is £9.50
  • The average price per foot for a chainlink is £10
  • The average price per post for a 6ft concrete post is £17.50
  • The average price per post for a 6ft timber fence post is £12.50
  • The average price per concrete gravel board is £40
  • The average price per timber gravel board is £20

By speaking with individual fencers or installation specialists, you'll get a better idea of what you should expect to pay for your project. Please don't automatically opt for the most affordable service, but don't automatically assume that cheaper options are of a lesser standard of garden fence.

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Average Prices For Different Types Of Panels

The style of fence panels used with your garden fencing significantly impacts the overall fencing cost.

For hit-and-miss panels, the average cost for 4ft panels stands at £55, for 5ft panels it's £70 and if you want a 6ft fence, the average cost is £75 per panel. For lap panels or traditional fences, the average cost for a 4ft or 5ft fence is £25 per panel, while for a 6ft fence, the average cost rises to £27.50.

Anyone looking for a solid metal should expect to pay an average price of £90 for a 4ft fence, £105 for a 5ft fence, and the average cost for a solid metal 6ft fence is £115 per panel. For slatted fence panels or Venetian panels, the average cost for a 4ft panel is £65, for a 5ft panel it's £75, and the average cost for slatted fence panels is £100 for a 6ft panel.

The average weave fence cost is £20 for a 4ft panel, £25 for a 5ft panel, and £30 for a 6ft panel. This is a low fence cost, so if you are looking for an affordable option, this is the sort of option to discuss with a fence installer.

Look For More Than The Cost Of Fence Panels In Determining The Best Fence Installation Cost

As contractors are free to set their prices as they see fit, and there are so many variables involved, you need to consider your options closely. Please look for reviews and testimonials from people who have used the company to install a fence.

If the quoted price is in your budget, and you approve of the reviews shared about the company, you'll feel confident about hiring them for fence installation work at your property.

How Much Does Fence Installation Cost

Checkatrade cites the average cost of installing a 4ft fence runs between £500 for a 36 ft fence, while a 200 ft fence can set you back £2,700. They list the average price to have fence panels installed for a 4ft fence as £1,600.

With respect to a 6ft fence, they say the cost of installing a 36 ft fence runs to £700 and to install a fence of 200ft, the cost is likely around £3,700. They state the average price for installing a 6ft fence as £2,200.

What Is The Average Cost To Install Fences?

Checkatrade cites the average cost to install a 4ft panel is £1,600 and for a 6ft fence, the installation cost runs to £2,200.

What Is The Average Cost For Different Fence Panels?

As you know, the fence panel material significantly impacts the average price of your garden fencing costs. The following information is gleaned from Checkatrade prices with respect to their stated average type of fencing cost:

Hit and Miss Panels: The average cost for the Hit and Miss panels is approximately £1,093.75. This type of fence panel has boards that are mounted in an alternating pattern on each side of the fence, providing privacy while still allowing air to flow through.

Jaktop: Jaktop fence panels, also known as criss-cross panels, come with an average price of around £1,168.75. These panels are characterised by their unique, diamond-shaped pattern which makes them a decorative choice for any garden or yard.

Lap Panel / Waney Edge / Traditional: These are some of the most common types of fence panels and a lap panel fence has an average price of about £825.00. This timber fencing is made from overlapping horizontal boards, providing a robust and secure boundary. You can save money with lap fence boards and your lap panel fencing without compromising on the appearance of your garden fences.

Palisade / Picket Fencing * 5ft: Known for its classic, charming appearance, the average picket fence cost stands at approximately £806.25. These popular garden fences consist of wooden posts connected by rails and feature a pointed top.

Solid Metal: Solid Metal fencing panels are some of the most expensive, with an average fence cost of about £2,637.50. A metal fence is best known for its strength and durability, as well as its sleek, modern aesthetic.

Timber Close-board / Featherboard: This type of fence panel has an average price of around £987.50. Timber fence posts are designed with vertical feather edge panes

that slightly overlap each other, creating a solid wall that offers high levels of privacy and security.

Venetian / Slatted: Venetian or Slatted panels, known for their horizontal slat design, have an average price of around £1,237.50. They are a stylish choice that provides a good level of privacy while still letting light through.

Weave Timber Picket / Hurdle: Weave Timber Picket fence panels or Hurdle fence panels have an average price of about £834.38. A picket fence is typically made from woven wooden strips, giving them a rustic, traditional look.

Woven: Woven fence panels, with an average price of £1,012.50, are similar to the Weave Timber Picket / Hurdle panels but may be made from a variety of materials and feature a tighter weave.

Now you know the expected average costs to install fence panels, we can help you determine which garden fence panel is best for you.

How Much To Remove A Fence?

If you are replacing old fence panels with new fence panels, you'll need to consider the cost of removing the old wooden fence panels. You have many options to consider with waste removal when disposing of an existing fence, including managing the project yourself.

The overall cost for removing a fence depends on the size and style of the fence and the method of removal. Looking at various online sources indicates you should budget around £4.50 per metre of fencing with waste removal projects. This means homeowners could be looking at a total cost of £60 to £230 to dispose of a garden fence, which should be factored into the overall fence installation cost.

Should The Fence Cost Include Repair Work?

In the long term, you might want to factor in a fence repair cost, if you would prefer to make do rather than install new fencing or fence boards. Given the total fence repair cost depends on the problem, this is something to discuss with a fence installer in person.

A broken or damaged fence isn't a secure fence, so it is easy to see why some property owners factor repair and garden maintenance elements into their overall fence costs.

We Help You Find The Best Average Fence Installation Prices

With this information, hopefully, you know more about how the average cost is determined, and what the average fence installation cost means for you. Replacing old fence panels with a new fence can transform a property or garden, but it must be for a cost you are happy with.

Fencing costs vary from company to company, which is why knowing the average cost is a great starting post when working out the fencing cost you expect to pay. At Fence Forge, we aim to help you understand fencing costs, the cost to install fence panels, and what fencing panels are best for you, be they wooden fences, composite fencing, or lattice fence panels.

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